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Team kit

Do you want your team to stand out from the crowd? We can now bring you printing that was originally withheld from smaller companys. Fantasy Squash can now bring you this technology for a fraction of the price. Fantasy Squash now offers dye-sublimation for team kit which can be fully customised

What is sublimation?

Dye is heated up until it rapidly changes from a liquid to a gass. The gass passes through the fabric dying it permenantly. 

Why sublimation?

There are many advantages over vinyl and AWD printing. This include:

  • Much higher resolution images and more vibrant colours. 
  • The price does not change whether you have 1 image on it or 50!
  • Breathable - when you use vinyl and AWD printing you are covering the breathable matieriel rendering the covered areas useless. Using sublimation you retain the full breathability of the shirt no matter what is printed on it.
  • Shelf life - it will stand more wear and tear regardless of where it is used. Also these shirts can be washed, tumble dried and ironed without the worry of the print being damaged.

I bet this costs a fortune?

A lot of people would think this process would cost a fortune. The great news is it doesn't! Generally when you have vinyl done you will have to pay individually for the names, seperate logos and images to put on the shirt. There is just 1 cost to sublimation.

What do people say about who have already used it?

Air-IT Nottingham player and World Ranked 55 Eddie Charlton told us his thoughts -

"These shirts are easily the most professional that I have ever seen and played in. They are comfortable and made of a really high quality material" 

What is the turnaround time?

4 to 5 weeks from order confirmation.

But I'm no good at designing a kit!

Absolutely no problem. We have designers who can tailor to your requirements. We will always work hard to make sure your requirements are met. 

I'm still not sure...

If you want to speak to someone about this please don't hesistate to pick up the phone and call us on 07846067505 or e-mail

Also if you are looking for vinyl printed shirts we can provide these.