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Air-IT Nottingham PSL Match Reports


  Pld Won Lost MF MA GF GAL Points
Group A
Duffield 10 7 3 33 17 115 66 150
Chapel Allerton   10    6         4        27      23     104     86       134      
Birmingham 10 6 4 29 21 101 87 131
Nottingham 10 6 4 26 24 95 87 125
Coolhurst 10 5 5 26 24 96 93 121
Pontefract 10 0 10 9 41 40 132 40


1st April 2014
AJP Pontefract vs Air-IT Nottingham  

It was the last fixture of the year for Air-IT Nottingham, travelling to Pontefract in North Yorkshire. Although the play-offs were out of reach the team were keen to finish on a high.

The crowd at Pontefract was subdued. Pontefract have been languishing at the foot of the table all season, finishing last remained the mathematical certainty. But that didn’t stop them fielding the current world number 5 – James Willstrop. Willstrop should have been the crowd puller and crowd pleaser.

Willstrop stepped on court last to face the tenacious Air-IT Nottingham man Alan Clyne. This was set for a mouthwatering battle. Willstop an imposing six foot four giant against the diminutive Scot. Willstrop fresh for a final place at the Canary Wharf Open where Clyne had lost in the first round to the eventual winner Nick Matthew.

What happened next left the crowd silenced. Clyne won the serve and the next 11 points. Willstrop looked out of sorts. Clyne came back on and took the next four points – was this to be a whitewash? But he missed an easy drop and Willstrop was back in. Clyne lost the next point but then dug in and closed the game out 11-2. This is not supposed to happen and Willstrop suddenly woke up – showing some of the great shot-making you expect for a former world number one.

CLyne has been one of the outstanding player of the season and maintained a cool head and fought for every point in the third. At one point he slipped and fell, scambling back up to win the point. At 8-8 he served into the side wall nick – the ball never came out and he had match ball. Willstrop found some energy and line but after a see-saw of points Clyne finished the game 12-10. Willstrop looked dazed – 30 minutes of squash  he’ll want to forget. 

Emma Beddoes the regular team lady was away in Calgary giving newcomer and Nottingham University student Anna Openshaw-Blower an opportunity to play pro squash. But her opponent, Sarah Kippax had little regard for Anna’s new-girl status – showing a very different class. Anna fought hard but loose shots were instantly punished and the game was closed out – Pontefract had some points.

Ollie Holland, the talented Nottingham player was pitched against Lance Beddoes a New Zealander who was the danger man in their side. He played a tenacious game recovering from seemingly impossible positions. Ollie took the first but lost the second to a tie break. The third was a tight game but Ollie took the spoils. Beddoes easily won the fourth but seemed to tire and the fifth was an easy affair for Holland – winning 3-2.

Player manager Mark Fuller was next. His opponent Taminder Gata-Aura is a talented player but was no match for Fullers style and grit. Fuller pushed him around the court – lobbing him to the back and forcing him into the opposite corners. Although there were a few brilliant rallies Fuller took the match comfortably 3-0.

Air-It Nottingham had won the match as Nottingham favourite Eddie Charlton stepped onto court number one. His opponent was another New Zealander – Chris van de Salm. It all looked comfortable for Charlton who eased through the first two games and then lost a series of key rallies in the third. But the fourth was a formality when Charlton stepped up the pace and pressured van de Salm into mistakes. Charlton finished the night on a high winning 3-1.

Air-IT Nottingham finished the night 4-1 victors – and fourth in the league overall.

Tim Garratt, Chairman of the Club said, “we have had a great season really – we have sold out every home game. The team have been superb – digging and and fighting for every point – the camaraderie was great to see. We look forward to next season when we will be aiming for the top spots” 


James Willstrop 0-3 Alan Clyne 0-11, 2-11, 10-12

Chris van der Salm 1-3 Eddie Charlton 5-11, 7-11, 11-7, 8-11

Lance Beddoes 2-3 Ollie Holland  4-11, 14-12, 9-11, 11-6, 4-11

Taminder Gata-Aura 0-3 Mark Fuller  9-11, 9-11, 10-12

Sarah Kippax 3-0 Anna Openshaw-Blower   11-2, 11-2, 11-2


18th March 2014
Air-IT Nottingham vs Duffield 


Air-It Nottingham beatt rivals Duffield but fail to make the play-offs.  


With many of the worlds top players away in tournaments in America and Malaysia teams in the PSL were depleted of some of their world stars.


But that didn’t stop Air-IT Nottingham fielding a strong enough team to take the prize from league leaders and local Rivals Benz Bavarian Duffield. Duffield were without world champion Nick Matthew and world number two Laura Massaro.


Ollie Holland vs Scott Handley

On first was the home-grown talent who has really matured this year, Ollie Holland, playing a tricky Scott Handley. The first tow games were tight and the spils shared. In the third Holland upped the pace and pushed the ball tighter into the back corners, forcing errors from Handley. At 6-5 Holland had his nose in front and the game was set for a long night, but Handley suddenly pulled up and conceded the game – after pulling a muscle. Nottingham had a surprise lead.


Alan Clyne vs Joel Hinds

Meanwhile on the show court Nottingham’s number one, Alan Clyne was up against Joel Hinds. Hinds has some amazing racket skills but Clyne’s style is to dig in. The first game was brutal – Clyne trailed 6-9 in the first but clawed his way back. At 9-9 the rally went on and on – Hinds eventually trying to smash his way out of it – but Clyne was content to run Hinds around. Clyne eventually won 12-10. Hinds never really recovered and Clyne surgically finished the next two easily. Nottingham were two up.


Vai Reddy vs Tania Bailey

The ladies were next and with home favourite Emma Beddoes in Malaysia it was a first run out for Nottingham University number one player, Vai Reddy. She had a tough opponent in Tania Bailey. Although 34 years old, Bailey was just too strong for the newcomer closing the match out in straight games.


Eddie Charlton vs Andy Whipp

With Nottingham still needing points for the play offs all eyes were on Eddie Charlton. Charlton is playing some of the best squash of his life and is currently ranked 52 in the world. His opponent though was no pushover. Andy Whipp has been on the circuit for some time and although now not playing on the world tour he plays a hard relentless game. But Charlton was incisive in his approach making Whipp do the work – although the last game was tight Charlton was in no mood other than to take the match 3-0 - much to the crowds delight.


Chris Fuller vs Declan James

So with the match in the bag a very big match took to the show court. Chris Fuller has played some fantastic squash this year for Air-It Nottingham. His opponent was Nottingham born and raised Declan James – who crossed the M1 to play for Duffield at the start of the season. This was a grudge game – James had beaten Fuller to take his first PSA title last year – on the same court. The sell out crowd were as boisterous as ever. The first game was tight but James closed it out 13-11. The second started brightly for Fuller but came to an abrupt end when he twisted his ankle and after a few minutes it was obvious the game was over – so Duffield took the points by default. It was an anti-climax to the evening.


Although the other results from around the country helped Air-IT get close the lay-offs it is not now mathematically possible.





Air-It Nottingham beat Benz Bavarian Duffield 3-2


Alan Clyne bt Joel Hinds 3-0 (12-10, 11-5, 11-8)

Eddie Charlton bt Andy Whipp 3-0 (11-4, 11-7, 11-9)

Chris Fuller lost to Declan James 0-3 (10-12, 2-1 RET)

Ollie Holland bt Scott Handley 3-1 (10-12,12-10, 11-5, 11-0 RET)

Vai Reddy lost to Tania Bailey 0-3 (1-11, 3-11, 3-11)


Air-It Nottingham play their last match of the season away to Pontefract on 1st April 2014.









11th March 2014
Air-IT Nottingham vs University of Birminham 


After defeat to Chepel A at home Air-IT Nottingham entered tonight’s match with the playoffs still a possibility but with the knowledge that one more defeat would certainly finish off any remaining chance. 

5. Emma Beddoes vs Cloe Mesic

 First onto court was Emma Beddoes who returned to winning ways in an Air-IT Nottingham shirt with a comfortable 3-0 victory  against the Birmingham University number one in a very one sided encounter. 11/1, 11/6, 11/2. Fantasy Squash Nottingham PSL


4. Chris Fuller vs Nathan Lake

 Next door Chris Fuller was locked in a tight battle with Nathen Lake. Lake played a steady game with few errors and found a solid length. Fuller was constantly looking to up the pace and take the initiative but on the slow Birmingham courts it was proving difficult to break Lake down. After a tight first game win and a comfortable second the third turned into a battle. Both players had multiple game balls but in the end Fullers determination saw him through , big win for Air-IT Nottingham. 12/10, 11/5, 14/12.


3. Lewis Walters vs Peter Creed

 Peter Creed started the better of the 2 racing to early leads in both the first and second, closing them out before Walters could dig in enough to trouble him. In the third Walters came out fighting, attaching well to the front and moving much better around the court. It was tight all the way with both players feeling hard done by at the end both from their opponent’s retrieval ability and some of the refereeing decisions. The game resulted in a tiebreak shoot out with some fantastic shots and dynamic movement from both players but in the end it was the Birmingham player who came through 15-13, great entertainment! Birmingham win 11/3, 11/3, 15/13.


 2. Eddie Charlton vs Jamie Haycock

This was one of the highest quality squash matches I have seen in a while with both players hitting a good length, moving well and attacking with purpose to the front. It shaped up to be a test of skill but Haycocks always seemed to have the slight edge. He hit a great length all match pinning Charlton and restricting his attempts to inject pace.

 Despite giving everything he had Charlton could not repeat his 2011epic comeback and in the end Haycock’s accurate hitting was just too much. Birmingham win 11/7, 11/9, 11/9.


1. Alan Clyne vs Chris Ryder Squash in Nottingham

 With the match level at 2-2 and the playoffs on the line, Air-IT’s season would be determined by the number 1’s!

 Chris Ryder started well, hitting accurately to the back and slotting winners off Clynes loose balls taking the first game 11-9. At the start of the second Clyne continued to battled hard however, soaking up as much pressure as he could and gradually found a way back into the match. After some great retrieving and ever extending rallies the momentum of the match was shifting and Clyne closed out the second  with a bit of luck 11-13.

 At 1-1 it looked like the match could go either way but the home crowd was destined to be disappointed with Clyne not giving up on a single ball and with a tiring Ryder the match finished 3-1 Nottingham.



The playoffs are still possible for Nottingham.

Next match is at home against Duffield. Follow the link below to see the potential line up and for more information.

Only a few seated tickets remain.

Book online:

Book over the phone: Mark Fuller 07846067505



Air-IT Nottingham vs Chapel A - 18th February

Youtube video review of last nights PSL battle!

If you are on a mobile click on this link and you will be taken straight to youtube:

At the end of the video is a promotional code for rackets, code expires at midnight 19th February! 

Daryl Selby, Chris Simpson, James Earles and Jenny Duncalf speak to our cameras after their matches at Nottingham Squash Rackets Club against Air-IT Nottingham.


Air-IT Nottingham vs Chapel A - Match Report by Tim Garratt

Air-IT Nottingham comprehensively beaten by Chapel Allerton to shatter a home win record since 2012.

Chapel Allerton brought a strong team to The Park last night and it soon showed. Team captain Simon Parke is a former Nottingham player and was always favourite with the crowd. But he showed little favour to a weakened Nottingham side.

Nottingham were without their number one player, Alan Clyne, who is in The United States - so the team all had to step up a place.

First up was a tight game between Chris Fuller and Chris Simpson. Simpson nearly caused an upset in  Sweden two weeks ago narrowly losing to former world No.1 Amr Shabana. The 26 year old from Guernsey played a technically proficient game – although Fuller played some great squash to take the third, but it wasn’t enough. He lost eventually 9-11 4-11 11-7 6-11.

His brother and Team Manager, Mark Fuller was next up. James Earles cuts a diminutive figure – but ground Fuller down. The rallies were long and brutal – the 3-0 score not an entirely fair reflection on Fullers efforts. In the last Fuller fought back three match balls, but eventually lost to some close refereeing calls. The scores 7-11 8-11 11-13


Nottingham were two matches down.

Ollie Holland, the young Nottingham home grown player has been on great form recently – but his opponent, the giant South African Shaun Le Roux was too strong. Although Holland took the first 11-5, Le Roux changed gear and won the next 11-8, 11-5, 11-5.


Nottingham were three down – putting the match out of reach. But points are still important.

The Ladies took to the Show Court – Chapel Allerton’s Jenny Duncalf is a former world number 2 player. Emma Beddoes the Air-IT Nottingham player has had little regard for ranking positions this season – but it wasn’t to be her night. Duncalf came out strong in the first brushing Beddoes aside 11-2. The second was crucial and Beddoes scrambled back to get game ball at 12-11 but lost the next three points. That was the turning point and Duncalf finished off the last 11-6.


In a post match interview Daryl Selby agreed that going on last when the team have won so comprehensively is tough. But he motivated himself and the game against Eddie Charlton was a closer affair that their world rankings would let you believe. Selby is riding high at 10 at the moment, Charlton at 55. Charlton took the first but succumbed to the next three. It was a match that was hugely entertaining with both players putting on a show for the sell-out crowd.


Nottingham came away with very little from the fixture – losing 5-0. They travel away to Birmingham for the next ‘must win’ match on March 11th


Daryl Selby vs Eddie Charlton 7-11 11-8 11-8 13-11
Chris Simpson vs Chris Fuller 11-9 11-4 7-11 11-6
Shaun le Roux vs Ollie Holland 5-11 11-8 11-5 11-5
James Earles vs Mark Fuller 11-7 11-8 13-11
Jenny Duncalf vs Emma Beddoes 11-2 14-12 11-6


Remaining fixtures for Air-IT Nottingham

11th March: Away Birmingham University - for tickets email or come into the Fantasy Squash Shop at Nottingham Squash Club - we will be taking a coach across for this must win away match!


18th March: HOME Duffield - this is the big local derby, you need to book tickets to avoid disapointment, this will definitly sell out! Book online now 

or in the Fantasy Squash Shop at Nottingham Squash Club or email