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For Goodness Shakes Recovery Drink - Chocolate

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For Goodness Shakes Recovery Drink

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For Goodness Shakes Recovery Drink - chocolate, superberry or vanilla flavour

Rewarding recovery, ready to go whenever you are.

After sport, swap your water or isotonic sports drink for For Goodness Shakes. 

Sports Recovery

Fatigue, muscle stiffness and soreness after excercise are all signs the body hasn't recovered.  Recover fast after sport - energise, rebuild and hydrate - and you'll be ready to go again sooner.

The Gold Standard

For Goodness Shakes provides a world class formula and taste.  Designed for atheltes, it's made from biologically available food-sources ingredients and is ready to use even after the toughest race or training session.

World Class Formula

3:1 carbohydrate to protein formula with electrolytes.  Carobhydrates replace and load glycogen energy stores deleted in exercise.  THe combined Whey (fast protein) and Casein (slow protein) deliver 6g of Essential Amino Acids (EAA) to promote muscle repair and strengthening.

World Class Taste

The smooth and satisfying taste ensures you finish a whole bottle, even when you are tired and down after exercise, putting every drop to good use for your recovery.

How to Use

Drink a bottle within 20 minutes after sport.  After a lnog or hrad session, drink another bottle within 2 hours to miaximise your recovery.  Feel the difference tomorrow.

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