Check out this free running video from Fantasy Squash’s very own Mat Taylor. Anyone who does not know what free running is should definitly watch this!

Mat has been working with us since Christmas and has already made a huge positive impact on Fantasy Squash and UK-Racketball. He specialises in sales and customer service so anyone who has called the office to buy a racket or enter an event will have probably spoken to him.

Mat brings great energy to the team at Fantasy Squash and his knowledge of squash and racketball equipment, especially rackets is brilliant. 

He is also the man responsible for all the pun infested special offer newsletters that you have been getting. In fairness you would always rather have a good offer than a good pun wouldn’t you and his offers are the best!

Anyone who wants to talk to Mat about his free running or better yet to buy some squash equipment call the office directly on 0115 950 3756 and ask for the man with the red hat (which indecently has a lifetime ban from work!) 

Mat Taylor free running